After 11 months, Phil left the hospital with his recovery still ongoing. For bookings, contact the Dominion Agency, The Family has a Combined Net Worth of $2 Million. Nevertheless, I have absolutely fallen in love with this group, their music, their faith, their personalities and their lives. These will be events our own office sets up, and we ticket and we promote ourselves. They met in high school and married upon graduating high school. Some of them are Kim, some of them are me, some are the girls on violin, and were starting to get Philip on guitar. The Duo Formed the Band after 14 Years of Musical Experience the Family Heads. Kim Keaton(Phils wife) and Phil are the founders and composers of the Musical Group, The Collingsworth Family. How much is Collinsworth making as a part of the NBC broadcast team? DW: What is your favorite recording of all time? Check location, voter profile, neighbors and more. Phil: Well, in a church setting where we did extended-length revival meetings and church conventions and camp-meetings, we started six weeks before we were married, in August of 1986. I have several artists from which I draw inspiration from to develop my own voice, both Christian and secular. Kim and Phil began their career in the Music Ministry in August 1986 while they were musicians at Camp Church in Petersburg, Michigan. So they adopt the religion of Christianity. Kim Collingsworth net worth 763 Thousand Millions of dollars 78% Net worth score Disclamer: Kim Collingsworth net worth displayed here are calculated based on a combination social factors. He spent eight seasons. I dont remember Mom even buying a quartet record if there was not a woman singing in it. The Collingsworth Family is a Christian Musical Family From Hebron Kentucky. Holly Collingsworths net worth is estimated to be around $7 million. Kim Collingsworths Husband, Is She Married? It has worked well on this one, because our very first single was We Still Believe. It didnt even make the top 40I think it made 41. No One in the Family has been Spotted Wearing Rings or Jewelry whenever they are Performing or are at Home. DJM: So I guess youll just have to wait for the grandkids then! Collinsworth's current contract at NBC pays him $4 million per season, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Criss net worth has increased over the years. Phil Collingsworth is the father, group manager, and baritone singer for the Collingsworth Family. On December 6, 2022, Kimberly celebrated her birthday with her family in Ohio. Phil Collins is an English musician, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor, and writer who has a net worth of $350 million. Cris Collinsworth has been around football for his entire career. That plan worked well. They are blessed with 4 kids. Specifically, we pick based on whats out there at the current moment. We Will Serve the Lord is the DVD that was released in October 2014. They have gained more fame for their Christmas Gospel musicals. In addition to his salary, Collinsworth earns from his shares at the sports analytics company, Pro Football Focus. And it just would go from there! They would sing and also minister through tours in several cities. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, you can order now at or call the office at 859-689-CFAM (2326). Were excited, because Kims song The Blood of Jesus will be in that choral collection. Collingsworth Family Net Worth is estimated to be about $25 million. 2, REVIEW: The Steeles A Song to Remind You. According to the latest Youtube stat on 2023-02-28, Kim Collingsworth has a total video view count of 343 Thousand on the Youtube channel and Kim Collingsworth has 1.16 Thousand subscribers on the same Youtube channel. Well just see what configuration of the children will be with us. Phil: Not on every date. For this Special Evening series, we already have dates booked in Roanoke, Virginia at the Jefferson Centerthese are all downtown theater type situationsand were negotiating with another theater in Indianapolis right now. In the off year, we do videos, books, and other off products. Kim and Phil are also grandparents. Wikipedia, Bio, Wiki, Real Name, Age, Golf Clubs, Barstool Sports, Sub Par, YouTube, and Twitter, Who is Ellen Petersen Haygood? Her mother is very ill, she appealed on her Instagram to pray for her that she will recover soon. They really are a top-notch group that has remained unchanged with their sincere love for Jesus and His Word, sharing His hope for all of us and how they love on the people. Phil: As soon as they were about two years old, wed put the children up on stage to sing one song with us in the meeting. Maybe 6 or 7? We, first of all, just this week, purchased Ernie Haases trailerErnies buying a bigger oneand we bought a roadcase for a grand piano from Bill Gaither. Also, we intermix instrumental numbers throughout, and were not all playing on the instrumental numbers. Theyve won several fan awards since the release of the album. The duo is blessed with four children; Brooklyn Rose Blair, Courtney Metz, Phillip Collingsworth Jr., and Olivia Diane Aichholz. DJM: I'll just start off with a general question. Their monthly earnings from their channel are up to $438-$1,252. As far as pets, we are currently pet less. With clear intentions to serve the Lord, Phil has made sure that his children also follow the same path and included them in the band. I believe this year he said hes only doing four or five vocal projects, plus a full-scale Lillenas fall choral collection. Phil and Kim had been Performing Together Since 1986 but Made A decision To Fully Concentrate on their Career when Their Kids Became Full Members in 2000. But in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path. This is my go to verse for lifes decisions, curveballs, and really just daily living as well because of the promise and encouragement it gives us as Christians. The familys main source of income is a career as a musician. Get notification with the latest net worth updates for free. Phil and Kim had been Performing Together Since 1986 but Made A decision To Fully Concentrate on their Career when Their Kids Became Full Members in 2000. Collingsworth Family is a Southern Gospel/Inspirational group begun by Kim and Phil Collingsworth and features their family as a team. [5], In 2014, The Collingsworth Family recorded two live projects in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He may have had a vision, in the back of his mind, that someday we would travel extensively as we do today, but not me. My goal is to do fifteen of those in 2010. So we threw our stuff in the car, grabbed her brother to go with us as our chaperone (since we werent married yet), and headed up to Michigan. The Collingsworth Family is a gospel ensemble created by Kim and Phil Collingsworth in 2000. DW: What is your favorite moment from a concert? My parents began singing together when they were first married at revivals and camp meetings. DJM: I think they released Somebody Touched Me in 84. junio 16, 2022 . Their children are Brooklyn Rose, Courtney Metz, Phillip Collingsworth Jr, and Olivia Aichholz. I love itI love it in the same ilk that Bill Gaither loves it. Based on their monthly earnings, the average annual earnings are about $5,333- $15,228. Privacy Policy. DW: What hobbies do you enjoy when you are off the road? Kim revealed, their youngest grandchilds mother is their favorite Daughter-in-law. If it works, you work it, and if it doesnt, you try something else. Is that intentional, and why? collingsworth family net worth Hakkmzda. DJM: Will you be using the Prague Symphony? Kim and Phil had Started Performing Music While In Highschool. William Blair and Brooklyn Rose are blessed with three children; Emma Blair, born on November 24, 2014, Winston James Blair born on August 19, 2017, and Wellington Wells Henry Blair born on December 12, 2020. Phil: It wouldve been about 83 or 84, somewhere in that time frame. Since then, they have been singing together to release music even with their family. PCJ:My lovely wife is Sharlenae Faith Collingsworth, and she is the light of my life. Mostly, they are known for Christmas songs. So I enjoy recording a lot of drum demos at home. It will be a different artist every date. Both were raised in very religious families, and were married shortly after graduating high school. DJM: When did you start touring with Kim? So we dont know how it will pan out, but we do plan to keep a configuration of the Collingsworth Familyus and the children, and maybe some in-lawsand just keep it right on rolling down the road! Holly has two siblings. Both performed as a couple for 14 years, stabilizing gigs with childrearing. His Death Had a Huge impact on the Family Especially on Kim The Families Matriarch. The songs on this CD may be some of the best we've ever had the privilege to sing in the sixteen years we've been traveling. He was born at Bethesda North Hospital on Jan. 31 at 3:31 p.m., weighing 7 lbs., 7 oz., and 20.5 inches long. Kim and I are simply seeking Gods direction and going from there. Phil: Our offices contact information is online at Collingsworth Family is a popular YouTube channel in the United States who has a net worth of $25 million. In addition to his work on the field and in the booth, Collinsworth is the majority owner of Pro Football Focus, a data technology company that tracks NFL stats and performance. We made a good majorityprobably 70%of our income from that. When the day comes that those will be no more, I will be thrilled. That makes good financial sense. Since then, Collinsworth has been in the broadcast booth and has developed into one of the most well-known color commentators across the league. Theyre all out of print, because theyre more than five years old, and I put them out of print after five years. DW: What are you musical influences? Thats where it started, and we did that for almost fourteen years. So, who knows what Blessed Be the Lamb will do? That said, Collinsworth is also the majority owner and CEO of Pro Football Focus, a football performance data and technology company. Kim and Phil have not only seen their children grow but have the blessing of seeing their grandchildren too. Im thinking it will probably end up being the Nashville String Machine, just because he is so busy with playing the keyboards for Signature Sound that hes not doing nearly the number of productions hes done in the past. Phil: In-laws and grandkids! Collinsworth's annual salary is $4 million. If it goes well, well expand it, and if it doesnt, well shrink it! Then we go back to finding a whole new repertoire for another album. Kim Collingsworths Parents, Siblings, and Family, Pastor Vladimir Savchuks Wikipedia, Bio, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Eye, Books, Gluttony, Blog, Sermons, Wife, Marriage, HungryGen, and Instagram, Who Is Brooklyn Collingsworth Blair? In 2004, they gave a concert in the Cayman Islands. . About Us; Staff; Camps; Scuba. In Spartanburg, South Carolina, they recorded two live forecasts in 2014. The Hall of Famer got his start as a receiver with the Bengals and played eight seasons in the NFL before retiring. Its outside of the box for the Southern Gospel realm, but Bills never been an inside-the-box guy. The real name of the Collingsworth Family is Kimberly Collingsworth and Phil Collingsworth. Their children Brooklyn, Courtney, Phillip and Olivia make up the rest of the group. Remarkably, Phil Collins is both one of the richest drummers . October 25-27, 2023. How old are you? Silver & Ivory, the instrumental one, was before Crossroads, and also Kims first Sunday Morning Ivories. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So, between Collinsworth's stake in PFF and his potential salary increase, his net worth could soon be significantly higher. They have built a Gospel denomination around the Collingsworth family. They have accumulated a number of fan following. As a singer, Kim is also a trained classical pianist. Poor guy, he had to wait on me to grow up. He also refused to date anyone who was not a pianist. We did three concerts that weekend, and got done on Sunday night. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Phil: Well, first thing I would do is put Jim Brady at the baritone and extract myself! Phil was Dean of Enrollment Management at his alma mater, God's Bible School and College, Cincinnati, Ohio. Were excited! As such, it stands to reason that Collinsworth madeseems likely that Collinsworth made between $2.5 million and $3 million during his NFL career. It's unclear exactly how much Collinsworth made during his first four seasons in the NFL. Home. His first marriage to Orianne Cevey ended in divorce. Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reported in early December that Collinsworth is hoping to land a four-year contract that ties him to NBC through 2025. That was all. So its a switch on and off as to what song should come next, what would work, and most of the time its not the same as the one before. This is a Southern Gospel and Inspiration Musical Group composed of one whole family; parents, their children, and grandchildren. Cris Collinsworth's salary & net worth: Here's how much money the NBC broadcaster makes in 2022, Projecting the NFL starting QBs for 2022, where Aaron Rodgers will land. Or again is your talent more exclusive than your career? Collingsworth Family Net Worth is estimated to be about $25 million. Collingsworth studied music at Gods Bible School & College in Cincinnati and later continued his professional trumpet studies at the College Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati, earning a Bachelor of Sacred Music degree. Kimberly was born in a Ministry family as her father, James Keaton was a lead pastor. The Collingsworth family is composed of Phil, his wife, children, and grandchildren. The founders of the group, husband and wife Phil and Kim, actually started in music ministry together 27 years ago, and then in the year 2000, they went full time traveling all over the country and even internationally. Age, Wife, Biography, Net Worth, Family, House, Diet, What is Chris Bee Archery Net Worth? Phil: It was pretty regularly. DW: What is your favorite scripture verse? We prefer to take the money we would spend on that middle year project thats not nearly as good, and lump it all into the big one. The Collingsworth Family is an American YouTube channel with over 154.00K subscribers. Wiki, Age, Husband, Petersen, Family, Children, Wedding, American Idol, YouTube, and Instagram, Where is Luxon Bushcraft Located? So in the professional realm, it would be Bill and Gloria, and in the personal realm, it would be Jerry Hayden. Their success has been attributed largely to Kims playing the piano. Phil: First of all, probably a guy by the name of Jerry Hayden, who was the song leader at our church when I was a boy. Then, they signed the new Christian label Stowtown Records in 2009. During his years as an athlete, Collinsworth became well known as a wide receiver in the NFL. He was awarded a settlement of $46 million dollars from his second marriage and later sued for a further $20 million. Im not a smoke-and-mirrors guyIm absolutely a bottom-line guy. Starting in November, were starting a series called Special Evenings. Our first one will kick off in Cincinnati, November 13, at the Taft Theater in downtown Cincinnati. Also From Us: Joey Cold Cuts Bob Does Sports Age, Who is Kim Collingsworth? They share the same birth sign as his son, Phillip Jr. Collingsworth is married to Kimberly Keaton. philadelphia eagles hats for sale near france; 30th percentile z score; kevin garnett jersey retirement ceremony; . He helped load in and load out, ran the table, and everything. If these Special Evening events work out, well expand it to even more in 2011. Also, all the records my mom played as a child had a huge influence. The Collingsworth family is composed of Phil, his wife, children, and grandchildren. Scuba Certification; Private Scuba Lessons; Scuba Refresher for Certified Divers; Try Scuba Diving; Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) They earn a lot of money from their channel and live their lives. If this works, great, and if it doesnt, Im not embarrassed to say, Okay, guys, we failed on that one. He called me one day and said, Hey, do you want to go to a concert tonight?, I said, Sure, Ive never been to onelets go!. He also has his own seven-foot concert piano.

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