The next day, neither of them spoke about how angry Grady was that morning when he walked in to wake Sophie and instead found her straddling Keefe in the chair, or how she had forgotten to finish the Polyglot homework that was due that day. She hoped they would be in Kauai soon. You prefer the crepes? she questioned, wondering why she hadnt ordered waffles herself. #sokeefe Talking was really easy to do with Keefe. That is what happened, really. Sophie tried one last time to convince her friends, but they werent having any of it. But something was different this time. I looked for you all over the beach! He was in his bathing suit dancing, obviously not seeing her. Sophie lay in the soft white sand, relaxing to the sound of the crystal blue waves crashing against the shore. He poured them each a tall wineglass of sparkling water, a slight foam building before subsiding into a crystal-clear drink. When Sophie turned seventeen, Edaline and Grady made the surprise they were going to have another kid. Sophie smiled at him one more time before taking his face into her hands and pressing her lips to his. They are. Sophie agreed, sitting down next to him. Sophie pulled Keefe aside once again as the group continued back to the hotel to discuss what to do that day. You are awesome, and sweet, and a great person. It must be getting pretty late., Why don't we go get some of those human coat things you made us bring, Keefe suggested, In the meantime here. Congrats, Sophie," the doctor said with a smile. I remember liking it as a kid the first time I came here. Keefe sidled up next to her, still looking at the menu. This is really good, no wonder you ordered it. Sophie couldnt believe he preferred the crepe to the waffles, which she already wanted more of. Looking closer, Sophie found that the gem, tucked securely in a lattice of silver bands, was also a diamond. A few weeks later, Sophie realized something that turns her world upside down. And that's when Sophie had found him. But how she felt with Keefe? Keefe laughed, You know Foster, always getting flustered and confused with her words, she probably meant Hawaiian candy. They both laughed and Keefe grabbed her face with his hands. That was strange, but something to think about later. But for some reason, a mysterious group wants to kill her. Keefe didn't return for over an hour after she had asked Dex where he was. I'm glad you did. Keefe gasped under Sophie. It was another day before Sophie was able to talk to Biana. Sophie sat at her desk in her bedroom, staring at her homework assignment, her eyebrows furrowed in concentration. Im glad youve come to the same conclusion I did., Yeah, me too. Gathering all their chosen outfits, the girls went to the front of the store to check out. Thats kind of weird, isnt it? she asked. After taking the elevator up to their floor, Sophie and Keefe split up to their respective rooms to get their sweaters. Hey guys! I guess my clumsiness spread to my brain, Sophie muttered as Keefe laughed. I think we have to, Keefe said with a sigh, clearly not looking forward to this either, though. Just then, Sophie notice a lone figure walking down the beach, looking around. Sophie turned around and exclaimed, Ella! Before, she had felt nothing special, just the shock of her decision, but this, this was something so much more. He patted her shoulder as he started away again. Ill probably end up adding some song parodies for some events and characters in the series too. Friends. You're welcome Foster, Keefe said with a forced smile. He wrapped his arms around her waist and squeezed her tight. But if you say youre just friends, then okay. Cora continued, stopping only when Keefe walked up. You guys have to try some.. It was too late to fold the pile of clothes swiftly building up in her suitcase. I get that youre trying to be nice and all, but its coming off pretty harsh. He draped his arm around Sophies shoulders protectively. This is a sooo keefe story (I don't know if I should call it short) it has all your favorite characters (Except Fitz and Stina) I'm actually still planning it I some what just wrote random stuff that sounds good and its turning out REALLY good no lie there. I dont want to find out who my biological dad is though, which means theres no chance Im every going to be able to be matched. His eyes went wide and Biana's smile grew and he yanked his hand out of Sophie's, promptly waking her up. So were Keefe and her like boyfriend and girlfriend? "No worries Foster. This hadnt been exactly how she had pictured his reaction, but there was still hope about their friendship. Keefe rolled his eyes and smiled. Walking closer, Sophie noticed the one large green suitcase hiding behind the mountain of shimmering teal. They stayed like that for a long time, sitting quietly in the calm before Sophie felt her snuggle-induced drowsiness overtake her and could feel her eyelids drooping by the second. Are you sure? Keefe?. A collection of sokeefe oneshots and other sokeefe randomness that comes from one who thinks the sokeefe section of Wattpad is a Lil' sparse.(if you couldn't tell by now, I am using alliteration. #ageappropriate Updates will be random. When Sophie turned seventeen, Edaline and Grady made the surprise they were going to have another kid. I have to put in the work to actually start trying to be better. Sophie plopped down on the sand, feeling the warmth of the heat seeping into the sand from the sun. Worries about their friends, their family and anything at all vanished. Its your choice, and if you dont want to sign up for your match lists, then theres nothing I can do to stop you. Dont worry about him, okay?. He just though it sounded good, didnt he? Before you were born. It seemed completely natural for her to just lean her head against his shoulder and relax and just talk. Keefe had gotten her the same ring as him. Soon, it became apparent that the pasta wasnt going to stay in just one piece. Keefe slowly looked up and met her gaze. Keefe opened his eyes slowly as the light filtered through his eyes. Hey there Foster! Keefe called with a smirk, looking doubtfully at the mountain of clothes. A glimmer of disappointment shined through his eyes. She felt like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Yup. Wait here, Biana instructed as she raced off in herdirection. Fighting to stay awake Sophie struggled to get out of Keefe's tight hold, only to realize he had fallen asleep holding onto her, and by the looks of it, he wasn't letting go any time soon. Sophie felt the guilt radiating off of her in waves, and she was sure Keefe could feel it too. Never forget that. Keefe snorted in background as Sophie flushed and awkwardly looked away. How about this one? Biana asked, holding up a pink and gold floral floor length dress. h, fanficti. Tam was comforting Linh, but Sophie knew he was just as scared as his sister. If I didnt want to forget Im the one who did most of the tasks my mom put me up to. Why did you get blue raspberry Dex? Marella asked, It doesn't even sound like a real thing.. It wasn't your fault- really, Keefe said when she looked away, It was really mine and Fitzs, we could've made the choice to not let it come between us. I was the maid of honor at Marlowe's wedding, so I know exactly what's going to happen," she snapped back. Why wouldnt everything be okay? Sure, Cora giggled, I can show you all the best stores.. But not everyone had spoken yet, and she turned to face Fitz and Dex, wondering what they were thinking. Ive put you in more dangerous situations than I can count. Wasnt it?, With that, he looked up at Sophie, and she couldnt help but agree. Please, have a seat, he offered, helping her onto one of the plush cushions scattered across the clearing. Sorry we took so long, we were she trailed off, staring at Keefe and hoping he would provide an excuse. And just when she finally figures it all out, her world spins out of control as a new chaos spreads around the Lost Hello! Sophie was about to go back outside when something in her suitcase caught her eye. This is a fanfiction (Sokeefe) written by DressChimera and Luna. But, in that moment, the world seemed to sit still just for them. Yet somehow, despite Sandors loud protests, they were going to Kauai, a beautiful tropical island in the Forbidden Cities. Bread, salad, tropical fruits, and even a bowl full of spaghetti. She took a bite of the buttery, fluffy waffles. Fitz blushed neon red as he picked up his bag and hurried out. Sophie went up second to last, still trying to decide what to have. Countering with yet another star, they went back and forth several times, until Sophie found an opportunity to win. She was about to start out the door when Keefe interrupted her leaving. Syrup and whipped cream dribbled down her chin slightly. Now lighter than air, Sophie turned to follow Keefe back to the beach. Uh Im gonna go get some human candy from the gift shop for us. Ok, Sophie said with a large sigh, not looking forward to this conversation. How did your talk with Fitzy go? Keefe asked in response. #bored And however much I want to, I cant just give you some custard bursts and a half thought out apology. I said that I didnt care if you wanted to find your bio parents, or if you didnt want to think about them ever again. Check. Sophie turned her hair in his direction and inhaled sharply. Realizing she didnt even know the girls name, she gave a quick wave, motioning for her to sit near them. Soon, they reached their gate, and found some seats nearby. What were you really doing? Sophies mind spun with a million different ways to get out of this, but none of them ended well. You know I dont like this kinda stuff, Sophie complained, Why are you still making me do it?, Because unlike you, the rest of us are enjoying this. Across the many aisles of clothes, Sophie could just make out Linh, Marella and Cora talking excitedly about something. Thats not a healthy relationship, and if you cant acknowledge that, then I dont want to keep trying to be friends when Im the only one putting in any effort. The story is done, but any feedback would still be appreciated. Yep, Sophie confirmed, amused by her friends reaction. And don't you forget it, Sophie told him, in mock seriousness, though she might've been just alittlesmug about beating Keefe. When you started talking about how Id become a bad friend, that really hurt. And this was a constant cycle for about an hour or two. But its totally different. You messed up majorly, and sometimes theres no going back to how things used to be., I know, I know. Luckily, Elwin came in and told everyone that Keefe needed to rest. While everyone else chattered and laughed, she contemplated the events of the day so far, thoughts swirling in her mind. The next day, Sophie and Keefe sat together at breakfast, their friend group sprawled out over several tables at the hotels restaurant. I forbid it. You know that Im unmatchable. Um, maybe not that one, she said, and Biana put it down with a sigh. You too. Deep inside, Sophie felt something stir. This would have also been embarrassing and made her turn red like crazy but right now she didn't care. And nothing can change that. Before he could respond again, Sophie leaned over the makeshift table and pressed her lips against his. Im worried Im becoming a bad influence on you.. I can't believe we forgot to get some earlier! she called, her eyes wide. She gulped, hyperventilating a little, her heart pounding so loud she wouldnt have been surprised if all of Kauai could hear it. It was beautiful and unique, but not flashy. These are some KOTLC One-shot! The pre-drama version at least.. There was no awkwardness. She burst out laughing, clutching her sides as Keefe joined in. I think Ill have a rainbow flavor. Colorful awnings to shade the tourists swept across the large windows in front of each shop. Really? I know better than anyone how my brother can get sometimes, and it takes a lot of strength to speak up. Sophie? Cora said, waving her hand in front of her face, Earth to Sophie, Huh? Thats so awesome! Linh exclaimed, and Biana, Marella and Cora all agreed, each one of them congratulating Sophie and Keefe. It was small, with a very classy logo indicating something fancy and expensive. I hate to admit it, but I do have a lot more work to do, and I get if you dont want to be friends again right away. With one key each, the girls and boys separated to head to their double suites overlooking the gorgeous beach, speckled with palm trees and plants. As a friend, she added, and Keefe chuckled. After avoiding a close call concerning the surprisingly small amount of vegetarian options on the menu, her friends had all ordered quickly, and their food was just now coming out. That makes sense, should we go do that now? She asked, cringing at the thought of the conversation. It looked weird but I think I need to watch it! Keefe explained. with 481 reads. You know me so well! Fitz was saved from replying as Dex leapt onto the property. Can I talk to you? At least Dex got the chance to try and prove to you that you liked him, he muttered softly. Fitz and Biana sat across the aisle, next to a pretty human girl absorbed in her book. She pulled her friend aside during a trip to the beach, asking if they could talk. When his plate had arrived, Sophie could swear his eyes got twice as big looking at the giant breakfast in front of him. They both hope they'll end up in Good. Anyway, now that Im cool about the whole matchmaking thing, dyou think we could maybe, No. It wasnt Sophie that answered, but Keefe. Yeah, youre right. Their gasps and praise when they saw what was inside could be heard from across the shopping complex. Do you mean that you and Keefe- he was cut off by Cora, who addressed Sophie, Youre not making any sense to the rest of us, so we would appreciate it if you started explaining., Fine, she replied, hoping that this would be over quickly, at the very least, Uh. Well, you have to admit 'daughters love interest joins the Neverseen and it goes wrong does sound familiar, Keefe conceded. Take my jacket shirt thing. My names Sophie, whats yours?. Her insides were butterflies with excitement for the trip with her . This would have also been embarrassing and made her turn red like crazy but right now she didnt care. Thanks for all this. Until one day, her guilt wins out. It tastes just like plain pasta, Sophie replied, a little sheepish for asking. Atop it sat a basket full to the brim with all the food Sophie could imagine. All characters belong to Shannon Messenger. is badger collectibles legit; sony cd player keeps ejecting disc; visa gift card check balance Menu Toggle. Is something supposed go on top of spaghetti? Keefe asked, his cheeks neon red now. Keefes grip had been clamped shut around her arm with a grip of iron since the descent had had been announced. But Sophie is struggling to keep up. The rest of her friends were still nearby, some sunbathing liker her, and the rest splashing in the waves. offensive signs on private property,

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