17 HBO and HBO Max Original Series to Get Excited About in 2023. So is Roman Polanski. I start by emailing Zenovich to ask if she feels attitudes towards Polanski have changed since she made her movie and its follow-up, Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out, about the Zurich arrest. Will you too?' To not face your own actions but run away when you dont like the consequences. Children are abused, murdered, go hungry every day. If he was some crack head living in harlem and raped a girl would the same supporters come to the rescue? - la Cinmathque de Dijon / Cinmathque Jean Douchet Vangelis, By trying to send Roman Polanski to the lions despite all the legal arguments, is something that unfortunately gets and will get more and more out of proportion. What happened to the feminists? It was a long time ago was another one, as was: Hes served his time. (In 2009, the expert legal affairs writer, Jeffrey Toobin, reported that at that time the prison sentence for an adult defendant who pleaded guilty to statutory rape was likely to be three years in a state prison.) Woody Allen, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Martin Scorcese, David Lynch, Wong Kar Wai, Harmony Korine, Stephen Frears . There was no doubt about her experience and lack of inhibition. It will not be difficult to boycott most of the names on this list as it appears 90% of them are from France and are friends of the scumbag and amongst the more memorable supporters is woody allen, recognizable from his own torrid past. I understand that there seems to have been a biased judge in the original case. It was not just statutory rape, it was rape-rape because she said no! Someone I respected gave it to me, and said, 'I signed this. I dont know if you are really helping his case, Woody. Even at 13, a child does not have Free shipping for many products! Gee, she got so uptight about cancer-adled, bedridden Sharon Atkins potential release saying she hadnt paid for her crime (and I agree, by the way). But if I ever see him, I will spit in his face. The fact that Switzerland is a neutral country does not make it a lawless country. Its shocking that people like Polanski are still revered, celebrated by actors and fellow film-makers and cinematheques around the world who continue to not only promote their work, but also to work with them. This is a real asteroid-kicking movie. Debra Winger described Polanskis arrest in Switzerland in 2009 as a philistine collusion. Costa Gavras This is actually a very civil process being carried out in regards to someone who did a very uncivil thing. Woody Allen, David Lynch and Martin Scorsese today added their names to a petition demanding the immediate release of Roman Polanski from detention in Zurich. Strip polanski of his resume and he is a man. But she is too busy preparing for Sundance to engage. Stuck on 'Quordle' #401? - lARP thesmokinggun.com/archive/polanskicover1.html. its shameful,to say that i consented it. Please! The actresswho spoke at the Womens March in January and has been a vocal supporter of the Times Up campaign to end sexual violence and abuseexpressed contrition to Buzzfeed over her former views. So many people seem to be against Mr. Polanski. Part of me feels extreme disgust right now because I think that the pass many are giving to Polanski is a reflection of a misogynistic culture that deep down believes a woman (or in this case, a girl) always wants it. this is the veiw of a 14 year old. Pierre Jolivet The mob wants revenge. - lARRF - Association des Ralisateurs et ralisatrices de Films - Belgique (Belgian Association of Filmmakers) Nelly Kaplan Yes, there are other problems plaguing the world. Let him go in front of the courts in the US. This is how Gailey recalled the crime: He placed his penis in my vagina. he not only victimized her when she was 13 by being so selfish, he has been victimzing her for more than 30 years afterwards. and seeing people in the comments try to defend him as well by saying the girl was mature for her age? Serge Toubiana But you can have your eyes opened and completely change the way you want to live. I plan to try very hard to never see any work done by anyone who signed this petition. Roman Polanski is a Polish filmmaker who has been a fugitive from the U.S. criminal justice system, since 1978, after pledging guilty to statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl. In fact the number was four. Mario Martone And I was like, sure. Why, however, any of you think that this somehow excuses the fact that the man drugged and raped a child is beyond me. Some think that sex with a child is a crime not just against the child, but against society. Gay movies. By his cowardice and lack of morality he has kept the case and the pain of his victim alive all this time. It was signed by some of the biggest names in filmindividuals who were willing to discount the fact that Polanski was charged in court with drugging a 13-year-old with alcohol and half a Quaalude before forcibly performing oral, vaginal, and anal sex acts upon her, despite her pleas for him to stop. Vinciane Lecocq Broadly reached out to Swinton to ask if she regrets supporting Polanski, but she declined to reply by the time of publication. GET YOUR VICARIOUS, HYSTERICAL SADISTIC FANTASIES OFF OF ROMAN POLANSKI AND BURN A CROSS ON SOMEBODY ELSES LAWN. Details of the assault. Laissez cet homme exceptionel tranquil; a sera plus raisonable, moins obstin et plus gnreux. Weinstein is now firmly banished and actors are apologising for appearing in Woody Allen movies. I will never again be able to speak to, or look at, Mike Nichols, Jonathan Demme, Martin Scorsese or any of the other names I recognize here without wanting to scream obscenities at them. They protect their own, I protect my own. Also an artist and a film lover. I find it hard to believe that you would find it an acceptable excuse if it was your child who was sodomized. When he started kissing her she told him: No keep away. When he performed oral sex on her she was ready to cry and asked him to stop. But you can have your eyes opened and completely change the way you want to live. But Thompson had to be talked out of signing the Polanski petition in 2009 by a 19-year-old. i was somewhat sexually active at that time but still a virgin. Instead, the Isle of Dogs premiere featured a carpet that was resolutely red. Perhaps the judge got away with what Polanski was accused of. For a more extensive detailing of Polanskis arrest and potential extradition to the United States, check out indieWIREs coverage from earlier today. Its 40 years this week since the director and convicted sex offender went on the run. If you continue browsing, that means you've accepted our Terms of Use/use of cookies. David Lynch Anyone whose name is on this petition, is supporting an admitted (he did admit it) rapist/child molester. He is not a good man. And not just when it comes to lurid, sex-laced cases, but that seems all most people care about. Seems strange that people on this board try to make some justification for Polanski out of bad things going unpunished elsewhere. Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. "The thing I feel like I gained from it is empathy towards people who have made mistakes. This man drugged and raped a thirteen (13) year old girl. Because you know, rapists are never charming, are they? Jean-Loup Hubert Since then, many of them with names on the petition have claimed that they were forced to sign it. Gianluca Farinelli Ccile Telerman We'll give you the hints and tips you need (and also the answers). To me, child abuse is the where I will absolutely put my line in the sand. Ladislas Kijno in 2009 over 100 filmmakers and actors signed a petition demanding authorities to release Roman Polanski, who was found guilty of sexually abusing a minor after he drugged and raped a child and has been accused by many. I was looking for the petition to sign, but heres my comment: LEAVE THE POOR GUY ALONE. I wrote about the documentary for this paper when it came out, as it struck me as astonishingly exculpatory. I dont know what the rationals might be for those who seek his pardoning, be it moral ambiguity, sycophancy, going along with what they see as hip or simply the belief that the group they belong to is somehow superior and has a right to use common people for their own amusement, but it would be a mistake to give the law a pass to accommodate this utterly reprehensible man. It was a mistake," she told the news outlet. John Landis Yes other people get away with this. I do along with those who loves Jerome Cornuau "I wore one to DGA," he told Metro. He fled the conviction. . She was not unresponsive, he writes. Once again, shame on all who signed this petition and feel Polanski shouldnt be punished! After all, when he was told he was being arrested for rape he was genuinely shocked: I was incredulous; I couldnt equate what had happened the day before with rape in any form, he writes in his autobiography. Stephane Allagnon If only in the name of this friendship between our two countries, we demand the immediate release of Roman Polanski. His arrest follows an American arrest warrant dating from 1978 against the filmmaker, in a case of morals. . When Polanski was arrested in Switzerland in 2009, where he was jailed for two months and then put under house arrest (the house, in this case, being a chalet in the Alps), Debra Winger claimed the whole art world suffers. On these facts, everyone agrees. Jarre, he admitted to sleeping with a 13 year old child, whose age he knew. Roman Polanski is a French citizen, a renown and international artist now facing extradition. What happened to the feminists?, Wow, Laslavic- you are one classy guy!(/sarcasm). the mindset to handle this cituation in a mature Kingsley, who has worked with Polanski multiple times, would need to pass. Finally, to those of you suggesting that Polanski got unfair treatment: I suggest you follow up on watching documentaries with some actual research on the justice system in Los Angeles County. Readers, acquaintances and even friends couldnt tell me enough how wrong Id got it. Read the unsealed records at the smoking gun. In the aftermath of Polanski's arrest last weekend, a number of performers -- including Penelope Cruz, Tilda Swinton and Monica Bellucci -- appear as supporters on a petition which states,. But I ask her how it feels to see Polanski, a convicted sex offender, still held up as a celebrated director, and what it says about the industrys true feelings about women and girls. I live in LA, Im a liberal, and I am appalled by the signatures of people whose work I respect on the petition. Patrick Braoud Roman Polanski is a French citizen, a renown [sic] and international artist now facing extradition. I dont wish to admire anyone who has such a twisted sense of values. Julian Schnabel By the beginning of this century, while the general American public remained firmly set against Polanski, the mood in Hollywood was openly in his favour. i feel ashamed sometimes,like a complete whore.but it was of my consent.so i sucked it up,and i never told anyone.if someone were to find out,there is no doubt id say its rape. The following is the SACD petition, followed by a list of names of people who had signed it as of tonight. He raped a child! I know it wont matter one iota to many of you, which is fine, but I am one person who will do her best to avoid any of your work. Would the signatories of this list have us serve up children for them to rape and defile at their pleasure because, well, W. is a really bad man? Adrien Brody with Polanksi, during filming of The Pianist, 2002. He was a filmmaker whose work I admired greatly. He should not have to go on trial again for a 30 year old statutory rape, but should have to answer to the flight. Wow! In September 2009, Roman Polanski was arrested by Swiss police on a warrant for his 1977 sexual-abuse case. Wim Wenders. Type . At Jack Nicholsons house, she tells him shes thirsty, so he gives her alcohol. - lUnion des producteurs de films Dear Roman you have my full support. In 1977, Roman Polanski was convicted of unlawful sex with a minor and fled the US rather than face jail time. This article was amended on 30 January 2018. If Hollywood has grown so insular from and arrogant to society at large, its time they were knocked down a peg or two. Ettore Scola Broadly reached out to Almodovar to ask if he regrets supporting Polanski, but he declined to reply by the time of publication. Throughout my work and throughout the years I have been vocal and supportiveI try to generate not only key positions for female directors and first-time directors but also write powerful parts for female actresses in ways that are not the quote on quote usual way.". Alain Corneau Stephen Frears Polanski will turn 85 this year, and he has lived almost half his life under the shadow of what Weinstein described as his so-called crime. Mario Monicelli The judge in Polanskis case acted like a common crook. I was asked by friends from the Cannes film festival to sign it. She said regardless of the fact she knows him and the terrible things he has been through, a crime is a crime," Hayward-Tapp told the Independent in 2009. Silvio Berlusconi Corruption: Sex, Lies & Earthquake + Tavernier Boos & Leigh Career Highlight. Is anyone surprised that Woody Allen, seen here with his wife and stepdaughter, supports Roman Polansky You'll find hundreds of names on Hollywood's pro-Polanski petition. It makes me sad to know so many people who I look up to in the field of the arts are supporters of rape. Michael Mann If only the same were true of politicians, the military, the justice establishment, and the multibillionaire elite. A 13-year-old cannot give consent to have sex with an adult male. Barbet Schroeder No one should have pity for him - his suffering is completely self-inflicted. Do you understand the court will make no decision regarding probation and sentencing until the judge reads all of the reports, Do you understand at the time of your sentencing, the prosecutor may argue that you should go to state prison or be incarcerated in the county jail?, (to Polanskis attorney) Have you explained to your client all of the possible outcomes? I know what I am, what I have and havent done, how things really were and are, he writes at the end of his autobiography. Gabriel Auer 5. Sari - where are you - pay attention to this part: If you support a child rapist and decide it is not important enough to enforce laws regarding such a crime, then as a society you CONDONE that crime. - le Festival des Rencontres internationales du cinma de patrimoine de Vincennes 1994 Actor Death And The Maiden Roman Polanski Fine Line Features 8X10 Photo. Woody Allen supports him-big shocker (the guy who is now married to the woman who was essentially his stepdaughter). Last year, four more allegations emerged: former US actor Mallory Millett said Polanski tried to rape her in 1970; German actor Renate Langer said the director raped her in Gstaad in 1972 when she was 15; a woman identified as Robin M said Polanski assaulted her in 1973 when she was 15; and a third, Marianne Barnard, accused him of assaulting her in 1975 when she was 10. The thing I feel like I gained from it is empathy towards people who have made mistakes. Some people on other blogs Ive read suggested to separate the person from his work since many artist have personalities or values that arent charming. In the same interview, Portman said she "felt terrible" about accusations of whitewashing(Opens in a new tab) in her upcoming film Annihilation. My level of disgust for these petitions cannot even be fully expressed. James was best known for playing Sonny Corleone in "The Godfather," which won him both Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for Best Supporting Actor. Argue all you want, I dont know ANY 13 year old girls who can hold there Quaaludes & champagne AND still say yes to having sex with a sick, dirty old man. I am not surprised to see the murderer John Landes on the list and any of the names that I do recognize, you can rest assured that they will not get my patronage in the future from any of their future endeavors. Afp is reporting that a grand assembly of filmmakers, actors and producers from around the world have signed a petition urging the release of director Roman Polanski, who was arrested Sunday in Switzerland on a warrant for a 1977 underage sex case in the United States. His comments on the subject indicate no remorse and in fact seem to indicate a perverse (of course) pride in his engaging in satisfying his twisted appetites. Sign up for our Email Newsletters here. When Winslet was asked last September whether she had any qualms about working with Woody Allen, another director accused (but, unlike Polanski, never arrested and never charged) of a sex crime against a minor, she replied: Having thought it all through, you put it to one side and just work with the person. Buck Henry Its not that people are not aware of the charges. Polanski recounts what he describes as making love so sexily you can practically hear his heavy breathing. There is absolutely no defense to be offered. The criminal case should be settled without any jail time. Sam Gabarski People keep affirming that Polanski did this and did that as if they were there at the time. But, in truth, for many British and US actors, working with Polanski never lost its cachet, and arguably had even more once he became excluded from the US mainstream. (Also, Woody Allen, but who's surprised there?) Darren Aronofsky Rittenband was thought to be considering sentencing him to 50 years in prison, which was when Polanski fled. And I was like, sure. We reached out to some of the most high-profile signatories to see if they had changed their mind about supporting Polanski in light of the #MeToo and Time's Up campaigns. cook county hospital bariatric surgery, duplex for sale wake county, nc,

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