One high-profile example of homicide by knife in Europe occurred in 2013, when a 13-year-old girl was stabbed to death in the United Kingdom. Dozens of passengers were killed and several others injured after a, In Siberia, a microscopic animal has been. [34], Two adults were killed outside Balijie Primary School, and 44 others were injured after a homemade explosive detonated. There were scenes of shock and anguish after the attack, Authorities quickly sealed off the railway station in Kunming, Police are combing the scene of the attack, Bakhmut attacks still being repelled, says Ukraine, AOC under investigation for Met Gala dress, Mother who killed her five children euthanised, Alex Murdaugh jailed for life for double murder, Zoom boss Greg Tomb fired without cause, The children left behind in Cuba's exodus, US sues Exxon over nooses found at Louisiana plant, Sacred coronation oil will be animal-cruelty free. Knife attacks and stabbing deaths occur all over the globe, from those with high rates of violent crime to the safest countries in the world. Ten people have been killed and 15 others were hospitalized in a series of stabbings in Canada's Saskatchewan province, police said Sunday. Also injured were five people - two boys, aged seven and 12, a seven-year-old girl and a couple in their 30s. The van's three occupants then ran to the nearby Borough Market area and began stabbing people in and around restaurants and pubs. A man is treated after being injured in the mass stabbing The Kunming city government said the attack was orchestrated by ethnic separatists from Xinjiang Province, according to the official Xinhua news agency. Across a number of stabbing incidents and as per official announcements, the suspects are often found to have been suffering with mental illness, or were seeking revenge against their employers, officials, or the wider society. On March 23, 2010, Zheng Minsheng ()[7] 41, murdered eight children with a knife in an elementary school in Nanping,[8] Fujian province;[9] The attack was widely reported in Chinese media (called ),[7] sparking fears of copycat crimes. According to CNN, a local government statement said that the 25-year-old unemployed man was seeking to "vent anger over family troubles and pessimism." [35][36][37], A man armed with a meat-cleaver slashed eight children on a playground. Published by Statista Research Department , Nov 21, 2022. Because of the financial crisis of 20072010, some have lost their jobs, which is stigmatized in China, and have had to return to their native villages jobless and unemployed. More people have died this year through stabbings or shooting, and more young men. [16] For example, No Knives, Better Lives, an organisation launched in 2009, works with the Scottish police, schools and volunteers to raise awareness among young people on knife crime prevention. Two people died on the spot, and five succumbed to injuries at the hospital. Over the weekend, six people were killed and 14 injured after a knife-wielding man stabbed passersby on a pedestrian shopping street in the eastern Chinese city of Anqing. Even with a record of mental illness among the people of China, an estimate puts the number at 100 million, availability of mental health professionals is quite limited. After being caught Fang confessed to the crime. Chinese remain reluctant to institutionalize relatives with psychiatric disorders because of the heavy social stigma and costs involved; many are sequestered at home and treated privately (or not at all.) As a result of this dynamic, countries that have a high number of stabbing deaths tend to have very low gun violence compared to other nations and appear near the bottom of any list of mass shootings per country. In June 2021, a knife-wielding man stabbed passersby on a pedestrian shopping street in the eastern Chinese city of Anqing, killing six and injuring 14 people. The James. Mass stabbings happen all (pause) the (pause) time. On April 13, a mentally ill man went on a stabbing rampage at Xizhen Primary School in Xichang, southern Guangxi, killing an eight-year-old boy and an 80-year-old woman passerby. The attacker was a jobless doctor who reportedly was venting frustration after a failed romantic relationship. The incident is the latest among a spate of public attacks in China in recent months. State media reported the 62-year-old suspect was socially withdrawn after losing his son and getting divorced, and carried out the attack to express his dissatisfaction towards society.. (Several days earlier, the Chinese Twitter-like microblog called Weibo had circulated reports of a serial subway slasher.) State-run Yunnan News said that the men were wearing uniforms when they stormed the railway station and that gunshots were heard after police arrived. The Mizhi county government in Shaanxi province reported that another 10 people have been hospitalized with injuries resulting from the rampage outside the No. Four of the attackers were also shot dead and only one was captured alive after the mayhem, which broke out about 9 p.m. (8 a.m. How many countries are surrounded by China through land? But where did it come from? Note: Data is from 2019, and is estimated. [19][20] All of the attacks happened in the United Kingdom in 2017. 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This may include social inequality, abuse of alcohol and other drugs, easy access to weapons, social and cultural norms, religious and political reasons, among others. Three people were left dead and six others wounded as a gangster wearing a cap and mask stormed a kindergarten and attacked people with a knife in southeast China's Jiangxi province. [58], On August 3, 2022, three people were killed and six others wounded in a knife attack at a kindergarten in southeast China's Jiangxi province. But the Senate bill, should it become law, suggests Washington knows hobbling your opponent isnt enough if youre not investing in your own backyard. In the US, a pair of deadly mass shootings in Texas and Ohio killed more than 30 people over one weekend. [15] In Scotland, there was a threefold increase in average sentence for carrying a knife in 2015 when compared to the data from 10 years ago. Videos circulating on. 1 People's Hospital, where the injured are being rushed, and said hospitals have received 162 people. Regina Police said Monday that Damien Sanderson, 31, was found dead around 11:30 a.m. local time near the location where most of the stabbings happened. Subject: February 13, 2023 - 3 killed in mass stabbing Sat Feb 25, 2023 3:55 am A man identified as Yin (38) killed 3 Men identified as Zheng (32), Zhang (29) and Wei (39) and injured 3 more before being arrested Thread starter SloppyNuts; Start date Thursday at 9:49 AM; Prev. However, not all schools increased their security because of lack of funds to hire extra security. Nine remained in critical condition in the aftermath. "Severely punish in accordance with the law the violent terrorists and resolutely crack down on those who have been swollen with arrogance," Xinhua quoted the president as saying. [15] The average jail sentence for these offenders was eight months in 2018, an increment of three months from the average a decade ago. The United States has long found China a technological threat. An attack by knife-wielding men at a railway station in Kunming in south-west China has left at least 29 dead, the state news agency Xinhua says. Six people were also killed and 14 wounded after a man stabbed passers-by on a pedestrian shopping street in the eastern Chinese city of Anqing in June last year. In addition to the eight kids slain in the attack, two . "[61] Some sociologists believe some of these attacks may be due to the PRC government's failure to diagnose and treat mental illness. The US, in turn, has taken steps to curb its competition by imposing restrictions on the ability for Chinese companies to access American tech. Yunnan province Vice Gov. "They just fell on the ground," he added. [9] Following a quick trial, Zheng Minsheng was executed about one month later on April 28. (Gun ownership is tightly controlled in China, where mass attacks usually . However, because they do not have social security (because of the hukou system), many of them do not have health insurance. Handguns are by far the most common murder weapon used in the United States, accounting for . Why do so many knife attacks occur in China? [2], Another initiative taken by some schools is the introduction of bully-prevention programs in schools. [2] However, mass stabbing and similar terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic extremists have resulted in the rise of Islamophobia.[4]. Deadly mass stabbings are more rare than mass shootings, but have happened around the world. [23] Authorities increased security in the Xinjiang region following the attack. It was planned that all schools have a security guard by 2013.[63]. File photo of police standing guard next to a basket being used to cover a knife within a cordoned off area . Most of the injured were schoolchildren. An estimated 100 million Chinese have varying degrees of mental illness but China has a fraction of the number of mental health professionals compared to developed countries., According to a report by The Straits Times, experts in China have pointed to anxieties caused by social upheaval and persistent inequality in explaining the attacks. According to news agency Reuters, around 100 children and adults have been killed and hundreds more injured over the past decade in apparently uncoordinated, lone wolf attacks. In June 2021, a knife-wielding man stabbed passersby on a pedestrian shopping street in the eastern Chinese city of Anqing, killing six and injuring 14 people. More recently, four people were wounded in a stabbing at a major Shanghai hospital last month before the knife-wielding attacker was shot and subdued by the police. [38][39], A man stabbed three children to death at a primary school in central China and then committed suicide by jumping off a building, state media reported. [15] England and Wales saw 85% of their knife crime offenders jailed for at least three months. The Kunming government said the "serious violent terrorist attack was planned and organized by Xinjiang separatist forces," Xinhua reported. And unlike the US, gun violence is rare in China, where the regulation on firearms is among the strictest in the world. Most of the Chinese victims on Dec. 14 were pre-teens who suffered head wounds. The incident took place in Haikou, the capital city of the southern island province of Hainan. Experts say mass stabbings usually occur in domestic settings An attack by a knife-wielding student on a college campus near Houston on Tuesday left 14 people wounded - two of them seriously -. [3], Abuse of alcohol is another risk factor that cause people, particularly young people to involve in violence such as knife crime. This statistic shows the total number of homicides by shooting in Canada from 2004 to 2021. Social media users in China posted pictures of the attack on the internet, but correspondents say they are being taken down. Kindergarten Mass Stabbing Leaves 2 Dead in China. Based on a publication by the Parliament of the United Kingdom, knife-enabled crime is an incident where harm is threatened or caused with the use of bladed weapons. The perpetrator, 22-year-old Xu Taoran, died in the blast. The Xicheng district government said in a post on its Weibo account three of the children suffered heavy injuries and were in a stable condition. The Chinese media reported that the man was socially withdrawn after losing his son and getting divorced, he carried out the attack to express his "dissatisfaction towards society.". An altercation inside a Detroit hookah lounge early on Sunday morning escalated into a mass stabbing incident in the parking lot, leaving eight people hospitalized with knife injuries. [50], A knife-wielding assailant injured 14 children at a kindergarten in the western Chinese city of Chongqing on Friday morning, police reported. Ethnic Turkish Uighur separatists have been sporadically fighting for an independent state in Xinjiang, in northwestern China, home to about 10 million Uighur, who are predominantly Muslim. In China, public access to mental health services remains limited, partially due to a shortage of qualified mental care professionals. Published by Statista Research Department , Oct 14, 2022. The suspect, Milad Salari, is a 35-year-old Muslim born in Iran and has committed 52 crimes in Sweden since 2002. . The countries with higher rates of stabbing deaths consistently have tighter gun control laws, which forces would-be attackers to resort to knives instead of guns. The motive for the attack remains unclear. [16], Members of the law enforcement community has also lobbied the government for extra funding to tackle crimes. Zang then attacked parents and children outside an elementary school in the suburban district of Fengxian just as classes were let out, it said. After wounding seven female students from Beiguan Primary School he fled the premises, injuring two passersby during his escape. [7].mw-parser-output .plainlist ol,.mw-parser-output .plainlist ul{line-height:inherit;list-style:none;margin:0;padding:0}.mw-parser-output .plainlist ol li,.mw-parser-output .plainlist ul li{margin-bottom:0}, Mass stabbings can also be looked at from the perspective of mass murder. [24] 19 residents of the care center were killed, and an additional 26 people were wounded. In April, two children were killed when a knife-wielding man entered a kindergarten in southern China. [3] Both terrorist groups used publications such as Dabiq of IS and Inspire of al-Qaeda to propagate the ideologies of the organisations and demonize their opponents, particularly the western democracy and their values. Updated Date: The choice of schools for most of the attacks means they could be copycat crimes.[20][61]. Sex Crimes Spike 75% with Mass . Although they usually garner less media coverage, other incidents of violence appear to have similar roots: the attackers are usually Chinese men who are either mentally disturbed or distressed by personal disputes, economic pressures, or unhappy love affairsor a combination of the three. [49], On June 28, outside Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School, one of the best private elementary schools in the city, a man attacked three schoolboys and a mother with a kitchen knife, fatally wounding two boys and injuring the others. China's Mass Stabbing Crisis! [8] Media reported a history of mental health issues, but police stated that Zheng had no history of mental illness, contradicting earlier reports. [2] Illicit drug trade has been linked to the increasing incidence of knife crime. [1], There are many different factors causing mass stabbing. All Rights Reserved. 8 y 2. As the United States routinely faces the tragedy of mass shootings, China is struggling to put an end to its own threat to public safety: indiscriminate stabbings. fort lauderdale beach wedding packages, zulu social aid and pleasure club posters, who is the actress in the focus factor commercial,

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