You'll note that if you review the airchecks below. WKVQ . Under his ownership, the format changed several times from the late 1960s through the late 1980s. From warm up to headliner, from an unknown to becoming an official resident for The . KSHE transmits on 94.7MHz and currently uses the slogan "KSHE 95, Real Rock Radio". Joel Meyers - Joel worked for KSHE during the early eighties. We`ve talked with people in the industry, and you tell them the station is 50 years old playing the music we are playing, and they can`t believe it., All the radio personalities associated with KSHE do say its one thing that keeps this station rocking along, its the fans. He still lives in St. An "I Q in my car" bumper sticker along with a booklet with the KSLQ top 300 songs from Spring of 1974. REAL ROCK RADIO. John (U-man) Ulett also started at KSHE decades ago. On Friday Uncategorized. From YouTube and St. Louis Flashback. History of KXOK. Info. Joe owns his own company Illustrated Man, A mitigation pond, or stormwater detention basin, is often used by municipalities to aid in storm drainage and prevent flooding in an area. The covers were stylized after the works of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein. All rights reserved. Stops along the way for Byrd included hosting mornings at legendary rock stations like KSHE 95 St. Louis, 98 ROCK Baltimore/Washington D.C., Q107 Toronto, 92.3 KOMP Las Vegas amongst many others. Press alt + / to open this menu. This is a list of former and current From the evening show of January 27, 1974, here's Mike Lee the most "laid-back" DJ I've ever heard. (YouTube). Photo. He earlier worked as midday/afternoon drive personality at sister Rock 105.3 KIOZ San Diego and hosted a daily talk show heard in Houston (KPRC), Orlando (WTKS), Palm Beach (WZZR) and on the iHeartRadio app. He had several different co-hosts including John Ulett and Joe Mason. August 24, 2022- I had a terrific phone call with Steve Rosen during the afternoon on the date above. This is from late January, KSHE's John Ulett at the microphone on August 27, 1980. D, Gary: KDAY, 1986-90. St. Louis, MO 63119 BEDROOMS. [2] KSHE sometimes played music nonstop for hours without station identification, which eventually was brought to the attention of the FCC and warnings from the agency to identify as required. St Louis Real Rock Radio. From the evening show of January 27, 1974, here's Mike Lee the most "laid-back" DJ I've ever heard. Even though WIL had a number of top-flight announcers/DJs, KXOK took St. Louis by storm as the popularity of WIL faded into the 1960s. Here are some examples of the promotional material from KADI. Rowntree has worked on air for 17 years at iHeartMedia at rock and alternative stations in Houston, Las . Either radio station would be able to increase its power to 1,000 watts to achieve a more regional coverage area from that frequency. I started listening when I was 12, he says, and at some point figured this is what I want to do and this is where I want to work. It was his first real job and he has been there ever since, 26 years. Pete Maer- Peter Maer was one of the very early KSHE DJ's. Al Hofer - Al joined KSHE in 1982 and was with KSHE for 20 years. If you have, or now worked for KSHE-95 in St. louis, you were a part of radio and rock histor See more Private Only members can see who's in the group and what they post. document handling CO. The format has proven successful since around 1970, with very few changes over the years other than the natural changes in music over the years. How To Install Balcony Railing, Amulet Of Mighty Fists 5e, Balancing Redox Half Reactions Calculator, Thermochemistry Practice Problems With Answers Pdf, Words To Use In A French Speech, Former Kshe Djs, Comentrios " /> , Amulet Of Mighty Fists 5e, Balancing Redox Half Reactions Calculator, Thermochemistry Practice Problems With Answers Skip to main content. This is a brief history of the first 17 years of KSHE Radio covering the years 1967-1984. John Williams- John was the morning DJ from 6 - 10 AM in the early This one is from December of 1973. KHITS96. and Thursdays, it was "Hands Across The Water", featuring a band from England or Europe. "The Morning Zoo." [4], From 1996 to 2012, KSHE aired The Bob & Tom Show in morning drive, syndicated from WFBQ in Indianapolis.[5]. An organization that helps in the fight against childhood leukemia. Louis, Missouri and occasionally hosts the KSHE Klassics show on Sunday mornings. 314-918-3000. "Rock Quiz Air Check". a rock station in Kansas City. High energy, high personality, jingles, and certainly more "hip" in the early '70s than AM rival KXOK. The albums usually were played from 7:00 pm until after midnight. The DJs of KSHE in 1969 Steve Rosen - back in the day and as he looks today Don Corey's ID Badge John Ulett AKA The U-Man Katy Kruze Radio Rich Dalton Mark Klose Drew Johnson J.C. Corcoran J.C. and the Uman - back in the day and as they look today Ken Suitter The Gatekeeper Ruth - the world's oldest DJ and original host of the KSHE Klassics Show. Michele Michaels. It was a former owner of those first two properties - Jay Hoker - who conceived the Fox mascot. It ran from the early to mid eighties. Ron Stevens - In the early to mid-seventies, Ron did afternoons from 3PM - 7PM. KSHE transmits on 94.7 MHz and currently uses the slogan "KSHE 95, Real Rock Radio". Amidon, a former morning DJ at adult contemporary station KOST, replaced departing host and musician Brian McKnight in the summer of 2010. that began on Monday September 16,2002 from 6:00 - 9:00 AM. la femme dresses near milan, metropolitan city of milan. If a DJ felt like playing three tracks in a row from the new Doors With the likes of Seals and Crofts, CSN, Gordon Lightfoot, and other superstars of the 70s the station probably appealed to a more mature top 40 audience probably burnt out by the likes of KSLQ(FM) at 98.1 and KXOK(AM) at 630KC. Klose started at KSHE in 1972 as a weekend jock and moved to mornings from 1977 to 1983. After the first year, the format was adjusted to contain about 90% middle-of-the-road music and 10% classical, with nine daily news broadcasts. But it is a solid ID. While I was a D-J, my real interest was always news. By the 70s, though, WLS began to lose the audience, in Chicago as well as over the outlying areas around Chicago, as more local FM stations were taking on formats with more music, and less talk. In recent years, the station has returned to using the original image, along with the original KSHE-95 text logo. Includinga large poster for "The Rock of St. Louis" along with an ad published with a picture from "Casablanca" and a KADI bumper sticker. in 1984 and enjoy reading up on old friends and colleagues from both industries." The premiere Top 40 CHR FM station in St. Louis. Thank goodness for the KSHE Klassics show which is an obvious exception to this. This was produced by John Neiman. evenings at 8PM it was the album of the week which featured a new release played in its entireity. Posted at 09:02h . I started I recently heard from Joe Mason and he filled me in on his career at KSHE and what he is doing today. . ST. LOUIS, Mo. His For more information, visit Sir Ed - For several years in the late sixties and early seventies, Sir Ed (Ricketts) was KSHE's morning man from 6AM - 10AM. Currently Assistant Production Director for Majic 104.9 and 100.3 The Beat in St. Louis. radio.not this canned bullshit passed off by the large conglomerates." Bob is still in the Klose also rounded up local rock band The Rocking Chair to play some hits and invited artists from Mamas Pride, Gypsy, Pavlovs Dog, and El Monstero to speak about their time at KSHE-95. This rock-tober KSHE-95 is hosting " More Stories from the Window. > > Does anybody know whatever happened to Mark McCain, former > > > morning guy on 96ROCK? personalities. We get together and tell stories and get pictures, and everybody has a story. Hubbard Radio classic rock KSHE (94.7) recruits AD Rowntree to co-host morning drive with John Ulett. That's where to call letters came from.K-SHE. On Air Personality, Originator of the Lone Classic, Producer of Kshe Klassics Show with Ruth . This list was composed from the memories of a couple of long time KSHE listeners. I still speak, on occasion, with Klose, Singer, Steve Rosen, Ted Ron Elz AKA Johnny Rabbit - Another of the original KSHE DJs from the late sixties. KSHE was probably more successful as it appealed to the "bad boy" demographic who were more likely to display KSHE logoed clothing and bumper stickers(see KSHE below). Joe worked at KSHE from 1979-1987 and was on the air evenings 6:00PM - 10:00 PM. tunes by orchestras, singers etc. At 5 pm each weekday, KSHE plays "The Daily Dose", two Led Zeppelin songs presented with trivia about their creation or notable performances of the songs. here. The premiere Top 40 CHR FM station in St. Louis. KADI began its history as an easy listening AM/FM combo known as the "KADI-twins." It's currently owned by Audacy, Inc and it is a sister station to KEZK-FM, KFTK-FM, KMOX(AM), KYKY(FM), and WHHL(AM). KADI tried to also market its logo during the 1970s with key chains, t-shirts, and bumper stickers much like KSHE. Gordon Atkins - Gordon still works for KSHE in the sales department. former kshe djs former kshe djs. A wintertime air check with Ron Lundy. Mascots bring a tangible factor to radio brands. lead singer/guitarist for his band "Typhiod Mary". Several former KSAN DJs worked at KTIM, including Dusty Street, Bobby Dale and Bob McClay. Here's KADI(FM) from June 11, 1986. long record cuts, reading stories as they came across the wire. It was a terrific.great mix of '50s-'60s.and great thematic jingles. I recently heard from Steve and he had this to say - REAL ROCK RADIO. former kshe djs. Sure, there's nothing wrong with the way it sounded here in 1986, but the free-form style which attracted me was totally gone. I was part of several "Fox" campaigns for some of the early Classic Rock stations back in the '80s, including KCFX (Kansas City), WOFX (Cincinnati), and WRFX (Charlotte) to name a few. Most of the basement was used for the station operations, with the Associated Press Teletype installed next to the clothes washer. When I started, the station was still playing the typical FM music of the era, lots of "covers" of rock Shelley Graham - Shelly worked occasional air shifts and filled in for other DJs when necessary. The last few rating periods have placed WLS at #28 with less than a 1-percent share of those listening to the radio in the market. Michele Michaels. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Missouri and has his own website If you know of a KSHE DJ not on the list, please 19. David Rodigan is a British DJ who is famous for playing reggae music worldwide. . Pictures of staff above, studios right, and artwork above were collected from Pinterest. Rowntree most recently served in a multiple market role for iHeartMedia with duties including APD/afternoon host at "93.1 The Mountain" KYMT and afternoon host at "94.5 The Buzz" KTBZ-FM Houston until . In 1979 the station switched to a more lighter format which was billed as "between Rock and a Soft Place." Nobody can believe it, Ulett says. Ken Suitter - Ken worked on the air at KSHE from 1977 to 1982, Known on air as The U-Man, Ulett has been heard on KSHE for 45 of its 55 years as a rock station. our departed brothersPrince Knight, Tom Gordon, Peter E. Parisi, Gary Brown His real name was Tony Roldan and he's still in St. Louis - owns an export business. Known on air as "The U-Man," Ulett has been heard on KSHE for 45 of its 55 years as a rock station. He was fortunate enough to spend time at KADI and KSHE in the years from the late 1960s through the mid-1970s. This was a documentary film directed by James R Martin as an educational documentary. By 1979, the appeal of top 40 began to weaken, and the competition of other contemporary stations doing more targeted formats began to take a toll. This was from 1982. BOX 191606 KSHE began broadcasting from a basement of a house in Crestwood during the mid-1960s. Thanks to the Radio Timeline ( we present links to the WLS Music Surveys from the 1960s to 1981. album or even an entire album side, it was okay. There were dayparts that were very different. Recording on Cassette Tape. It contains video clips, audio clips, pictures and memorabilia. He is currently the host for the KSHE Klassics show each Sunday morning. The Balaban brothers, Elmer and Harry were part owners of Plains Television Partners and WICS through the mid-80s and WICD from its beginnings with WCHU in Champaign and development into Channel 15 in 1967. 162 e 184 episdios mais de The KSHE Tapes, de graa! Was it an album-oriented station, a soft rocker, or an oldie station? KSHE probably made a fortune selling products with its logo on them. REAL ROCK RADIO. A career working on historic lofts with PARIC Construction led to Barnes, 54, and his company Artisan Construction Management, spearheading a series of unique and historic projects in St. Louis . I remember so many memories, and can't believe it has been 35 years. 189 Likes, 4 Comments - KSHE 95 (@kshe95) on Instagram: "Former KSHE jocks Drew Johnson and Don "DJ" Johnson having a laugh while rollerskating visit the" Until now. Tommy T. - Tommy currently works the overnight shift - midnight to technology (voice tracking) is not such a wonderful thing. Maybe it was the 80's's no wonder it didn't work. Sweetmeat also inspired the name of Austin, Texas Christian Punk/Thrash band One Bad Pig. Now, that is absolutely something we can get behind. KSHE DJ Radio Rich Dalton introduced the band's song by saying, . Some of our fan's responses include Tony Scott and The Breakfast Crew, Sweet. He's even in the Rock and Roll Museum thanks to his efforts at KSHE and for the promotion of the various rock acts that passed through St. Louis during his tenure there! The staff and listeners of our station, as well as the St. Louis radio and music communities, have lost one of the best. It was a top ten finalist American Film Festival. In 1960 KSTL had an FM sister station at 98.1 and 76,000 watts. I helped out KSHE and acted/sang in the show El Monstero . (Great guy, horrible taste!) The software automatically runs everything else but drops or clips. August 24, 2022- I had a terrific phone call with Steve Rosen during the afternoon on the date above. The contribution of Saint Louis to Rock and Roll is discussed in the documentary, Something in the Water. seventies, he worked afternoons from 11AM - 3PM. He he was let go from the station. Steve "The Gatekeeper" Hammond - Steve is the Mamas Pride at the KSHE Crestwood studios in 1977. former kshe djs former kshe djs. Ron Buttery- Ron was Smash's original partner when Smash first started hosting the morning show R.I.P. His arrival sends morning co-host Favazz to middays, replacing 47-year St Louis vet Mark Klose who will host nights. Who Is Shelley Longworth Husband, The new lineup starts April 4, ahead of KSHE marking its 55th anniversary as a rock station on Nov. 7, 2022. Don Corey - Don was the overnight DJ in the early seventies. As of March 1, 2001 It probably was best described as a "superstars" music format within a progressive presentation. Crank it up, it's not very loud. It was said to be the most successful when it was "progressive rock" during the 1970s. Detracting from the recording also is the KSHE DJ, who feels compelled to interject something anytime there is a lull on stage (between songs, etc.). WLS 1971 WLS 1972. "Just wanted to say that your web site is very informative, ez to follow Ep. Under his ownership, the format changed several times from the late 1960s through the late 1980s. Hubbard Classic Rock "KSHE 95" 94.7 KSHE Crestwood/St. The format was called "a wide range of recorded music with no hillbilly numbers or hot jazz.and less. This month's celebrity DJ is former KSHE DJ Katy Kruze. From Chicago to St. Louis, these. In 1985, WABX's former consultant, Paul Christy, purchased WCFX /95.3 in Clare, Michigan, and subsequently parked the WABX calls on WCFX's sister station, 990 AM. was the overnight host from midnight - 6 am. BMAN. He was fortunate enough to spend time at KADI and KSHE in the years from the late 1960s through the mid-1970s. Episode 186. He is currently the morning host on The former KSHE DJ plans to celebrate her departure at the Fountain on Locust this Sunday and then take a year-long vacation. She is It's now WFUN, 96.3 "Fun for the Lou" and features an R & B format. Storz Broadcasting quickly changed the station to a Top-40 format to compete with WIL Radio, which had already established itself as St. Louis' leading contemporary music and personality radio station. best army base in germany The cinder block building in Crestwood became a virtual mecca for rock music fans, and "The Window" was their blarney stone. (YouTube) Bring Back Radio Rich. He can usually be found at any sporting event or at a bar checking out his buddies from the bands Nick Bacott - Nick works various shifts, filling in when needed on the KSHE By 1992, the station bottomed out in the ratings. a l. KADI tried to also market its logo during the 1970s with key chains, t-shirts, and bumper stickers much like KSHE. Katie's dad turned her on to KSHE . KSHE from 1968 - 1974. Sem a necessidade de instalar ou se inscrever The late, Rusty Young of Poco. Shelly was actually Shelly Grafman, owner and manager of KSHE. Copyright 2022 SLM Media Group. by. By 1977, KADI began to suffer from a lack of direction. Jim still lives in the St. Louis, Missouri area. KSHE (styled as K-SHE) is a Classic rock radio station licensed to Crestwood, Missouri which serves the Greater St. Louis area. Miller eventually sold the station to Heritage where the call letters were changed to KIHT, K-Hits 96, with the Greatest Hits of the '70s. D, Johnnie: KBBT, 1995-99. Not only has the format remained consistent, but some of the DJs have also logged decades at the station located near Union Station. KADI began its history as an easy listening AM/FM combo known as the "KADI-twins." Listener loyalty was strong, and at times they would come to the station with copies of classical selections they thought were better than the ones being played on KSHE. Then one day people tuning in to KSHE awoke to Cream, Is dumpster diving legal in Missouri and Illinois? Cruisin' was an American Rock-and-Roll and pop music sampler series covering the years 1955-1970 released by Increase Records, originally in the early 1970s on vinyl, and in 1993 on CD and audio cassette. best army base in germany . The station mascot is a sunglasses-and-headphones-wearing pig named "Sweetmeat," the likeness of which originally appeared on the cover of Blodwyn Pig's 1969 album 'Ahead Rings Out'.[7]. Like the pig pictured on the LP cover, Sweetmeat first appeared with a joint in his mouth. station. former kshe djs. Pick out a survey by clicking on it, then double click to enlarge, from there just advance by using the arrows. Contents My favourite story about Bensson is that, after 9/11, the FCC (I think) released a list of songs that radio stations couldn't play, as they were deemed insensitive. for the music that was put on the air. She also interviewed concert-goers, and included two pals from her radio days, former KSHE and The Rock DJs Favazz and Randy Raley, on Hagar's appeal. David Grafman, Ron Stevens, Joy Grdnic, Ted Habek, Jim Singer, Radio Rich, Joe "Mama" Mason, Don Johnson, The Byrd, Carl the Intern, Katy Kruze, Mike Doran, Alan Robinson, KC Clarke, and Roy Collier are all scheduled to appear. e-mail. Telltale Atheist Daughter, The Long Strange Trip of KSHE-95 and Progressive Rock in St. Louis By John Neiman This was produced by John Neiman. KSHE-95, St. Louis' number one rock station, is celebrating their 55th anniversary by putting together a legendary night of live music and sharing unheard stories at River City Casino.On October 7, KSHE will host More Stories from the Window, featuring some of St. Louis' favorite disc jockeys from throughout the decades.Together, they will discuss the station's long history, and fans . KSHE-95, St. Louis number one rock station, is celebrating their 55th anniversary by putting together a legendary night of live music and sharing unheard stories at River City Casino. In fact, this marks his 41st year on the air at the station. KSHE had huge numbers, WMRY was gaining quite a following, and the "Best Music Mix" on 93.7 KSD and KHTR were still doing well. J.C. Corcoran - J.C. was the morning host for KSHE during the mid-eighties with his show, So we're talking AC/DC, Metallica, Rush, etc. request show in the evening (8:00pm to midnight) called "Pillow Talk." At the beginning, I would tell people the stories and theyd go, Thats not true! And, Im like, Oh yeah, its true! Klose says. The station wrote the book, or so it seems on media marketing and media branding. My friend Steve Rosen featured in an interview as he remembers his time with KSHE-95. 325. business as it began to become more corporate oriented. On October 7, KSHE will host More Stories from the Window, featuring some of St. Louis favorite disc jockeys from throughout the decades. 1985 - around 1990. The History of WLS in less than 6-minutes. New general manager Howard Grafman was convinced by his friend Ron Elz to adopt a new format that Elz had heard on a trip to San Francisco on KMPX: album-oriented rock, with high latitude given to individual DJs as to what to play. David Rhodes - Most listeners will remember David by his distinctive English accent. HOME; CATALOG. KADY(AM) and KADI(FM) were owned by local businessman Richard Miller. Shop by category. The Blender by Kevin C. Johnson. 1962-0502 Part 1 Dick Biondi Aircheck scoped :16, 1962-0502 Part 2 Dick Biondi Aircheck scoped :31, 1966-undetermined date/Part 1 Art Roberts Aircheck scoped:12, 1966-undetermined date/Part 2 Art Roberts Aircheck scoped :10, 1966-0909 Clark Webber Full Aircheck :45, 1969-0103 Ron Riley, Dick Harley(news) Aircheck scoped :15, 1970-74 Composite Aircheck Larry Lujack, John Landecker, Charlie Van Dyke, Yvonne Daniels, Bob Sirott, and others Aircheck scoped :43, 1971-0503 Larry Lujack Aircheck scoped :28, 1971-0600 J.J. Jeffrey Aircheck scoped :13, 1971-0800 Larry Lujack Aircheck scoped :04, 1971-1200 Check Buell Aircheck scoped :04, 1971-76 Fred Winston samples Aircheck scoped :40, 1972-0129 John Landecker Aircheck scoped :13, 1972-02-- Fred Winston Aircheck scoped :09, 1972-0000 Fred Winston Aircheck scoped :03, 1972-0204 Joel Sebastian Full Aircheck :58, 1972-0226 Joel Sebastian Aircheck scoped :31, 1972-0401 Chuck Buell Aircheck scoped :10, 1972-0710 Bill Bailey Aircheck scoped :08, 1972-1000 Bill Bailey Aircheck scoped :13, 1972-1010 John Landecker Aircheck scoped :12, 1973-0608 Bob Sirott (first day) Aircheck scoped :10, 1973-0300 Charlie Van Dyke Aircheck Scoped :09, 1974-0312 John Landecker Aircheck scoped :12, 1975-undetermined John Landecker Aircheck scoped :03, 1975-0712 Yvonne Daniels Aircheck scoped :21, Full Aircheck-with music Aircheck scoped-edited music, 1975-1231 Oldie Montage with Jeff Davis Aircheck scoped :23, 1976-0000 Composite Fred Winston, Tommy Edwards, Bob Sirott, John Landecker, Steve King, Yvonne Daniels, 1976-0000 date undetermined John Landecker Full Aircheck :03, 1976-0418 John Landecker Aircheck scoped :40, 1976-1202 Yvonne Daniels Aircheck scoped :17, 1977-0618 Yvonne Daniels Full Aircheck 1:00, 1977-0629 Larry Lujack Aircheck scoped :16, 1977-0831 Larry Lujack Aircheck scoped :11, 1977-1000 (Labeled 1980) Larry Lujack Aircheck scoped :17, 1979-0831 Larry Lujack Aircheck scoped :10, 1977-0000 John Landecker Aircheck scoped :09, 1979-0911 Larry Lujack Aircheck scoped :22, 1979-1115 Yvonne Daniels Aircheck scoped :09, 1980-0700 Tommy Edwards Full Aircheck :52, 1980-0000 date undetermined Larry Lujack, Tommy Edwards(Animal Stories) :06, 1980-0705 Tommy Edwards- Full Aircheck :50, 1982-0100 Larry Lujack, Chris Shebel Aircheck scoped :12, 1982-0104 Larry Lujack, Chris Shebel Aircheck scoped KMOV Radio & PEVELY DAIRY. We had an AP ticker in the transmitter room. His nearly half-century St. Louis radio career also includes work in classic rock and talk radio. Steve Dahl and Garry Meier joined WLS (from WLS-FM) in 1984, leaving in 1986. Personalities included Radio Rich Dalton, Mike Lee, Sam Kaiser, Melissa Knight to name but a few. When I wrote my book, "Pictures on the Prairie: The First Ten Years of Mid-Illinois Broadcasting" I found it difficult to keep the stories of the central Illinois stations confined to central Illinois. It remained KADI (FM) through 1987, before becoming KRJY from 1987 to 1994, playing oldies as "Jukebox 96." WLS 1960's Surveys He currently lives in St. Charles, Missouri. During the early days of the company, in July of 1957, the Balaban's purchased one of the major radio stations in St. Louis, WIL-1430am (5-kW), as well as WWIL, 1580-AM, (1-kW) Fort Lauderdale, Florida for $650,000. Gary Bennett - Gary made is on air debut in 1968. After Century Broadcasting Company bought KSHE in 1964, the station flipped to rock music three years later. The jocks were more loose in their presentations, included more comedy bits, and interacted with the audience. I miss the "good old days", that's for sure. During the 1970s and early 1980s, KSHE was influential in the growth of many midwestern bands such as Styx, Cheap Trick, REO Speedwagon and Head East. Much Sunday night from 7 - midnight. to 5PM. Yes it is true - The U-Man is once again partners with J.C. Corcoran on a morning show on KHITS 96.3 in St. Louis, Missouri Shop by category. Produced by Frank Absher, the definitive historian on St. Louis Broadcasting. then again from 84 to 85. The documentary is about their first 50 years as the world's largest and longest running rock station in St. Louis last night. KSLQ promotional material collected over the era. Some of our fan's responses include Tony Scott and The Breakfast Crew, Sweet Meat and KSHE 95, and . This is a list of former and current KSHE DJs along with a few comments about each. Rich was the evening John Sutherland - John worked weekends in the early 80s. Each weekday he did Michelle Holliday - Michelle is no longer on KSHE radio. The new company called Radio WIL was purchased by Harry and Elmer Balaban along with the Atlantic Brewing Company at one-third each ownership. former kshe djs 27 Jun. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and others. DAN & CAROL HERZOGENWRATH. We remember listening to KSHE and other stations many years ago where the DJs were responsible (YouTube), 1961-undetermined date, Rockin' Robin Scott This one is from December of 1973. He calls working at KSHE the golden handcuffs. of what a listener hears is programmed and determined by a group not even in the local listening area. I recently heard from Sam and he shared the following - The iconic rock radio . ", Steve Rosen- Steve was another of the DJs from the early days with *John Peel (1939-2004), one of the original DJs of UK's Radio 1 in 1967, known for the extraordinary range of his taste in music, and for championing unknown musical artists. former kshe djs; fresh baked long beach strains. including..VP Promotion/Atlantic Records, VP Programming/MTV which is an advertising/marketing agency. KSHE Ashley Knight Addeddate 2015-11-23 00:05:55 External_metadata_update 2019-04-09T13:30:11Z Identifier KSHE-AshleyKnight Scanner Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.3. plus-circle Add Review. Shelly passed away several years ago. The stars of Kshe Radio, a St. Louis institution. Saint Louis, Missouri. [3] KSHE had a wide and varied play list, which popularized such rock artists as Lake from Germany, Stingray from South Africa, and rising bands from Australia and New Zealand like Midnight Oil and Split Enz, as well as playing the classics from the more well-known rock legends. Most of my air shifts were during Write by: - Some of the biggest names in St. Louis radio will be on stage again. Radio Rich is now back on KSHE Sunday evening from 7:00 - midnight hosting the Seventh Day. Recorded in November of 2000, the guys were playing the Pageant for the first time that night and they go into detail about the writing of the song, "Blue on Black." Steve Gorman, former drummer for the Black Crowes, 1999. The Gatekeeper Website. I worked a ton of events out at Haunted Houses with the ladies from KSHE.Lern and Katy Kruze(former Kshe dj) I had my first live remote.I was terrified no one woud show up litte did I know that about 300 people would show up we'd sell out completly! Since then, her radio career has taken her all over the country, from Kentucky to New York, to Colorado and . who are the owners of the king ranch? One other little know fact about Bob - he graduated from Ladue High School in 1967. crans montana switzerland hotels, northwood ravin net worth, new braunfels death today,

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